Tell you about myself so you can get a picture that is clear. 

In the night I whisper my soul into your ear. 

Soon as the words leave my lips into the air they disappear.

Nothing I said was understood or even heard. 

I tend to believe that others value someone’s words. 

I can be certain or sure but the truth is I am insecure. 

It’s hard to find clarity in the dark. 

Truth is I’m a broken man with a broken heart. 

Tell me that you are there for me and always a friend. 

You tell me I am making you late now another day is spent. 

There use to be love here I wonder where it went. 

I tell you I love you and that’s exactly what I meant.

Tell me you love me but I know that you don’t. 

No point in asking for an apology because I know that you won’t. 

I try to get you to see that I am not anything like what you make me out to be. 

Yes I know that you hate me and want me to leave. 

It doesn’t matter what I left behind. 

It only matters how much of me you keep. 

Another cold night and I know that without you I will be getting no sleep. 

I long for your time. 

I hurt for your attention. 

I can read between the lines and I see your intentions. 

You only want me to carry your burdens. 

Treat me like I am nothing. 

Tell me I was worthless. 

I ask you for a little bit of love and you tell me I don’t deserve it. 

Unworthy and abusive is how you portray me. 

Music to your ears when like a fiddle you play me. 

First hand account of the pain you inflict. 

I see you and the way you make the switch.

It is all very ugly and it makes me sick. 

You will deny any wrong doing saying that I don’t know you. 

Just take a listen I’ll show you how much I know you.

I feel it every night that I hold you. 

Just be the old you. 

I miss you I love you I told you. 

I told you. I told you. I told you 

– Jose Serrano