I will not pursue nor do I accept this.
I held strong to my hope but you revealed the truth I no longer have the connection. 
Your wings will catch fire and out of heaven you will fall.                                                                              I walked and bled through night on my way to you because without you I went through withdrawal. 

I can no longer try to save you.
I no longer have the patience and love I gave you.
Complete destruction is your life.
Total darkness you thrive it is your light.

You took my heart and mind and you would have taken my soul.
The happiness I have was always mine and never yours.
I’ve never been broken and never been sold.
A story of you and the things you do is now told.

You aren’t a friend who practices the helping of others.
Never forget that snakes won’t strike until they have been discovered.  
Full of deciet and malicious patience.                Admit half truths and tell me I am losing.                I know that you are someone else and you believe everyone is for using.

The love was a lie and the wounds will never heal.
You are worthy of pitty and you are an evil that is real.
My heart was devoured and my fate was sealed. Once again truth brought to light what you tried to conceal. 

Only a tyrant believes that they are above blame.
Your conduct is unbecoming and you know nothing of shame.
Every insult and demeaning word you use that is who you became.
I gave you all the best of what I had you returned it with nothing but pain.

My doubts were confirmed and that is whats best.
The only place to put the memories is where the dead rest.
Talk about honesty yet you never spoke it.
I feel sad that you are as beautiful as you are hopeless.

You were beauty but beneath skin you are all ugly.
It is clear that you are a liar and never did you love me.
Tell me you love me but no good that does me.
Think that you hurt me but I no longer feel you because you’re  nothing.