I once loved you 

I love you this is my truth and you don’t have to embrace it.
You took my heart but I refuse to let you brake it.
I believed in your love like I believe in God I prayed that we would make it.
The pain is real I wish that I could fake it.
Yet the truth is the truth. 
What’s the point of being alive. 
This feels like I’m ready to die. 
Never told you that you fill me with pride. 
Now I know that you are a part of what has kept me alive. 
I love you and this is my truth. 
My heart is bleeding and it’s bleeding for you. 
I never thought this would happen but I guess I never knew. 
While I was on my way your heart was on the move. 
I scream at the stars and all I want is you. 
Your silence speaks volumes and it tells me we’re through. 
For now I guess there’s nothing that I can do. 
I want you to know that I loved you. 

By: Jose Serrano 




Published by: hustlerdiariez @gmail.com

I write from the depths of my heart. Fathoms beneath the surface I speak with a voice so powerful it can move an unstoppable force and halt an unmovable object. Hope you enjoy reading.

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