Our Love 

I am yours I wish to be with no one else.
We have things to work out but I believe we can find the answers without outside help.
I love you this is a different type of wealth.
It will never be spent.
Together through the struggle we went.
Understand that a purpose was meant.
To find a way in eachother we’re sent.
The good and the love outweigh the things we resent.
Together finding a way is what was dreamnt. 
Love is what this is and what I feel it represents. 
Nothing is wrong with loving someone more than yourself. 
Somethings can’t be experienced until they are felt. 
For example love for me is loving someone else. 
Never turning your back on the one you love when they’re in need of help. 
Pay attention to the message what im confessing is truth. 
It’s beautiful to be a part of something bigger than you. 
Most seek it but you only have it when it’s given. 
It’s the cure for all of life’s ills and the answer to this wicked world we live in. 
It never comes easy but it’s strength is the bond. 
That keeps us going and gives us the will to hold on. 
It never grows old and is stronger than death. 
You feel it when you see your children take their first steps. 
Love is what makes you and I blessed.
I want you to know that I am going to love until I take my last breath. 

By: Jose Serrano 



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