With Kindness 

I waited and I longed for you.

I held strong to my hope for mines was truth. 

To me your arms mean comfort you have love that soothes.

My love for you is a mountain but you remain unmoved.

I refuse to surrender yet at times I don’t know how to prove. 

Before there was pain there was the love I have for you.

At one point I fought for one now I battle for two.

I once had a voice but now in silence I move. 
Like ink I proudly wear you on my sleeve. 

Doubt fills my mind lately in you I once believed. 

Thunder storms come on cold breeze. 

Your eyes tell a story yet you think I don’t read. 

Fill my days with pain and promises that you don’t keep. 

I want something that you can’t give so it is something I don’t need. 

I’ve been cut so much that my heart won’t bleed. 

I felt strong because of the things you told me. 

Dealt wrong with me and I bought all the lies you sold me. 
My heart knows what it needs and knows it when it finds it. 

It will be my last stand I see the truth I know that I was blinded. 

The contract was spoken and with my word I signed it. 

In the past you live because your place is behind it. 

I no longer have to waste my love for I know how precious time is. 

You have no idea how strong my mind is. 

All you gave me was misery please accept this as my gift. 

Brutal and inconsiderate but I’ll just kill you with kindness. 

Peace, Love, Light,  and Laughter for you is my wish. 

By: Jose Serrano