Untitled Note 

There are times when you are away. 

Yet you are the heart that beats in me. 

There are moments when my sadness spills over.

The sun shine is there but it glows so dimly. 

I try to get away from the memories that only kill me.


I can’t bring myself to forget. 

I cling to them dearly. 

I miss you and I want you to know that 

My nights are cold and so black. 

Think of you when I get lonely I can never go back. 
My love is like my pain in that they go deep. 

Truth is, all this you have inspired. 

From a spark to a flame then fuel to a fire. 

There is nothing but the moment, in it I reside.

The pain is there but it’s the once upon a time I try to keep alive. 
Silence doesn’t help and what I hope for from you is a whisper. 

Apparently even this is asking for too much. 

I hope you never get to know how much this hurts. Time is healing but right now it is scary. 

I find no reprieve from the pain I carry. 
I know my wounds were not self-inflicted 

Your atrocities were calmly witnessed. 

I’m amazed at how without remorse, not a thought you give this. 

No empathy or compassion won’t ever ask for forgiveness. 
I was your dirty little secret. 

The shame belongs to you and the truth will be revealed when your lies least seek it. 

Only then will you understand the word desolate because you will be devoid of the strength you’ll come to know as your greatest weakness. 
I harbor for you no ill.

I can’t bring myself to be angry I’ve said my peace. 

I refuse to give it what it doesn’t deserve. 

No tears, No goodbye, Not one more single word. 

– Jose Serrano