There is 

There is a calm in my heart before the next dagger is thrust.                                                                           There is a smile on my face as I’m asked to believe in the word us.                                                               There is only silence after the mention of trust.       There is hope that a life is more than a conscious speck of dust.

There is a place where peace isn’t the prize for death.
My heart knows that it speaks into the void, fathoms and depths.
There is a word that when whispered soothes all of this hurt.
There is reason to the chaos, in it we search.
There is only trial and error and the comfort of whatever works.

There is reality which is perceived.
There is also what we choose to believe.
It is a fact that the deepest cuts don’t bleed.
There is the difference between the things that you want and the things you don’t need.

What I lack is not what will make me complete.
How much weight is carried by the words I now speak.
So much more yet less than one is more than one needs.
Two simple words that once found, we find make us complete.

There is a smile that only comes when these words reach a cold heart and give it life.
There is also a moment when everything in the dark is given a light.
I think of all the things that plague me.
It’s all the same things that save me.

My tears are my own and only to my solitude do I give them.
I see through and disapprove but only wrath is what I give them.                                               Vengeance is inevitable it’s God not me that forgives men.                                                                       



-Jose Serrano