The Act

They want for the things that I despise. 

Never asked for them to change because in their imperfections they’re perfect in my eyes. 

I can’t help but feel lost and lonely in this twisted world of mine. 

Only see what they want, lack perspective to my heart they are blind. 
I’m sick, what ails me has no preference. 

It’s like being assaulted mind, body, soul, every single one of my senses. 

Call me when they need to be critical. 

Yet won’t think of me when they think of themselves spiritual. 
They are not ashamed of the fact that I am a direct result and reflection of everything they do wrong. 

My heart knows that my strength isn’t meant to hold me together for long. 

In my nostalgic heart I peer into times passed. 

In my memory are the people that I love. 

The only place where I can find them is the place that is driving me mad. 
I just wanted to talk but I have to face the fact. 

They come and stay for a while then leave never to come back. 

Everyone needs to be heard and some of us just wanted love. 

This is the dilemma of my life. 

I’m in pain so I get through it with drugs. 
So full of themselves, set in their ways. 

Yet they push and preach change but it’s all just the lie they believe. 

I know that they waiver and crave to be free. 

I can read their script I see how they act. 

Pass judgement on me and slander who I am behind my back. 

I am not my mistakes but once gone just stay away never come back. 

-Jose Serrano