The tears flow freely and they cleanse the world away.

For a few minutes and seconds I release my pain.

It isn’t the anguish that troubles me or the aches that pain me.

I walk towards the light but it’s darkness I am in mainly. 
I don’t know this distant yet familiar place. 

Shadows are cast over the moments that I had under safe keeping. 

I never thought these sweet moments would end and now I don’t care who knows that I am bitterly weeping. 


It is never for nothing but nothing has a reason. 

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, or the oncoming season. 

I have to get it because no one will get it for me. 

No comfort, no joy, and time decides to move slowly. 
Silence doesn’t really mean that it’s quite. 

If happiness had a price how many would buy it. 

It took forever to feel again and I hope it leaves quickly.

I didn’t ask for it it was you that said come with me. 
I’m sorry that I am not devine, I was born into sin.

There is a razorblade but I am dead within. 

I cry for you my tears hit the ground and my voice is lost to the wind. 

I lost you and I have to face a fact that is grim. 
The trauma echoes for a while I know I hurt deep. 

I am tired and I will toss and I turn but no sleep. 

I talked to God but I guess I wasn’t heard. 

I know that it is precious only now I can see what it’s worth 
Down the alley up the street to the right. 

There is hope for my broken heart. 

In darkness that place gave me light. 

I was dying and was dead instead I found life. 

-Jose Serrano