I Roamed 

I roamed for what seemed an eternity.                       Years just memories of times passed.                             One could never lose me for my tears carved a trail and cut a clear path.

I roamed for that it is what the rolling stone knows.     Restlessness was my companion, it’s what the eyes of every wanderer show.                                                 Silence followed me, I was carried away by winds and gails that blew me off course.

Just as I began to find the stars, I set out for true North.                                                                                     There in that moment with only my silence to serve as witness.                                                                                     The fluttering of wings brought hope.

The winds and my heart unexplainably shifted.           No longer without a destination I drifted.                     This beautiful bird was a beacon.                                 Never had I wanted a purpose so much.                     Never had I been so elated.                                                   To know that no longer through the darkness and deep.                                                                                                 I aimlessly waded.

Inside I knew that I would be led to safety if this bird to shore would guide me.                                                   Through rain, snow, hail and squalls I must follow.       There in the storm I lost sight of the bird whom I now know as compass.                                                                       I can’t explain the feeling of hopelessness that comes after the feeling of horror.

As I began to think that my days would be spent forever alone.                                                                       High above me it flew.                                                              A silhouette in a sky that was blue.                                       It was there and then that I knew.                                   This bird took me home.                                                         It’s time that you knew.

That this bird whom I speak of is you.