My Thoughts When I Look At You

Just Thoughts

It’s hard to forget but who would want to.
I am taken back to the places that we had no respect for. Because the only thing we did not desecrate and mistreat or abuse was the heaven that our pleasure would take us to.
I remember these moments and they trigger a primal need in me that can only be appeased by taking your body with the sole purpose of punishing it.

I feel you still. Your lips your tongue. I remember the way your legs would wrap around me and how you pulled me to you as I would find satisfaction deep in you.
The way you gave yourself to me despite the fact that you were only receiving what I had to give you.

I remember how hungrily you took me in your mouth and the look in your eyes as I stood over you. When I think back I realize that having me inside you while I was away from you was the only thing that mattered.

The way your breast felt pressed on my chest was the only way that we made our hearts beat at the same time.
I miss the way you would look at me when you couldn’t catch your breath.

The smile that would appear when your legs began to shake.
I know you don’t remember these things because they only happen in my dreams.
I look at you and I am speechless.
Now you know the answer to your question.
This is what I am thinking  when I look at you.

-Jose Serrano