The things that you hold onto send you into darkness.
I see your fall from grace and the ever creeping hardships.
Your soul is sick, yet you tell no one of what ails you.
Your eyes tell a story of all the dreams you had and how people failed you.

Silence doesn’t really hide the secrets that you attempt to conceal.
Only thing you should realize is that in me your darkest secrets are sealed.
You can shut down and let your tears become rivers that will drown you.
Take a chance look and see, take a look around you.
The truth of it is you didn’t find me, it was I who found you.

We are who we are both far from perfect.
It is said that in the light darkness finds its purpose.
Consider the words that by my heart are spoken.
Though we place our hopes and our trust in those who will have them broken.
My secret to you I give, this means to you my heart is now open.

I think of you often and it’s always so easy to lose myself in the thoughts.
To you it might seem that I’m not here or that I’ve plainly forgot.
I don’t believe that what is worth having is easy to get because it’s not.
I lived in darkness until I found the light that you brought.
Secrets are privileged so you are worth the fight that is fought.

I won’t ever tell you these things but my secrets I’ll give you.
I thought about my secret and it is you.

-Jose Serrano