Into the storm 

I try to ignore the fact that you are gone but my neglect of the truth is far more detrimental to me. Once one has been shown that there is a peaceful place in the world of thunder and lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes, blizzards and excruciatingly hot days and droughts. It is a punishment for the one who had respite. With your passing from existence so to went my sanctuary. I wish I could tell you how much of me went with you. I wish I could tell you how much I want to go through this without knowing that you are gone. Instead  I poison my heart and I corrupt my soul and distort my thoughts from the reality that is so painful to me that I continuesly attempt to alter it. I try to ignore the fact that you were there. But In doing so I commit the most disastrous of offenses. A denial so foul that it decomposes all of everything I am. I tell myself that peace is something I have never known. Therefore you were never real. But we both know that I am not right. I miss you. Here I am. Into the storm I go

-Jose Serrano 


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I write from the depths of my heart. Fathoms beneath the surface I speak with a voice so powerful it can move an unstoppable force and halt an unmovable object. Hope you enjoy reading.

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