I see you 

​I see you when my eyes open. 

I see you in the beams of light that peirce through the darkness that is my sadness. 

I see you when I rejoice for those who find happiness in the unlikely times of pain. 
I see you in every petal of every flower that blooms after a night of pale frost. 

I see you in my dreams and every waking moment.
I see you when I look up at the heavens. 

I see you in every drop of rain that comes down to cleanse my heart after I have saturated it with salty tears.


I see you when the cold night sheds light on a warming dawn and the promise of a better day. 
I see you when I am alone and only the memories of you keep me company. 

I see you when my heart breaks under the weight of all it’s sadness. 
I see you in a reflection that no longer haunts my memories. 

I see you when I need to remember how strong I had to be to survive the affliction that you inflicted upon me.


I see you in all I will have to conquer. 

I see you when I remember how much of this was really me and not you. 

I see you through the haze of a heart that was broken but is no longer shattered like the dreams it dared to produce. 

I see you when I rejoice because through you came the gift of resilience. 
I want you to see what that because of you something beautiful came in to creation. 

I see you and I hope there is only joy to accompany you. 

I see what was broken and see that what I had lost is mine again. 

My heart is pure and still intact. 

By: Jose Serrano