What I wanted

What I wanted to say to you is, I hope you find what you seek. I pray you never have to do things the way you did them. I want to tell you how I understand why things happened the way they did. I wanted to say thank you for being somebody that I once looked forward to seeing and coming home to. I also wanted to let you know at times I think about that cute little nose of yours and the weird voices that you would make. I want to tell you that it doesn’t hurt when I remember all these things. Wanted to show you how the only thing I wish for you is what you gave me…….somebody to love. I wanted to tell you how your green eyes turn into amber and shades of yellow. I wanted to tell you how amazing you are because in you lie all the mysteries of the universe. I wanted to tell you how I still haven’t seen a sunrise since your departure. I also wanted to tell you that in me lives the desire and will to let you go.

“You are the sunrise I never get to see. You are the quiet desolate place where I find myself. You are the beautiful dream I lose myself in. You are the enigma I try to understand. You are the self-revealing truth that I can’t seem to grasp. You are the reason I grip so tightly. You are the darkness that gives me sanctuary. You are the peace that always eludes me. You are my everything and I
am okay with being your nothing.

It doesn’t matter to me that I carry you with me wherever I go.
It matters nothing that you speak to me so loudly with silence. I love you and that is the only thing relevant to this, to me. You don’t even have to remember my name. Just as long as you don’t forget that I love you.
That’s the only thing that matters.

I guess this will have to do since I wasn’t given proper closure. This will suffice.
I am finalizing this. What I wanted you were. What I wanted you’ve been what I wanted you are.
What I wanted Ill never have. I will miss you. no hate just one love. 143 34


I wanted to be your friend.

Love, Jojo Serrano

Posted By: Jose Serrano