you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i wish i could be the light that shines on your skin. that way at least id know every day i could again touch you. The days are long and the nights longer. some would say we didn’t get the chance we deserved maybe its just a simple truth that neither one of us knew how to receive a gift. i think about you every waking moment. the fourth chamber of my heart is locked and you’re in it. wish i could let you go. but for now that is unlikely. you might think of me as bitter or angry. im just happy i had you in my life. though a part of me does rejoice for the fact that you are safe the other part of me grieves and yearns to hold you again. i really cant go on pretending i am okay. i know you are aware of what i feel for you. if you forgot than hope this little note reminds of how much you are loved. remember i would have walked with you no matter the weather, no matter the road. where ever you go there you are. i love you

Posted By: Jose Serrano