I didn’t need you after all. 
I thought I’d perish disaster emminently faster falls.
Suddenly caving it’s the eyes that speak against the lies.
My heart not in question my resolve never been compromised.
You left me alone in my darkest nights.
I didn’t fear never doubted the sun would rise.

Sorry if I said you had nothing to do with the way I would develop.
From the spirit and the mental.
Everytime you abused or hurt me would become instrumental. 
Every unanswered call turned out to be detrimental.
I’m not bitter or resentful.
I wouldn’t be if not for you so believe me you were influential.

Keep going, kept it moving through the hell that I was living.
Wanted better but I only received what I was giving.
For all the times I cut you and the hurt I put you through I hope you are forgiving.

I not only see but I can also acknowledge.
We were feeling eachother but together we had no idea of what to call it.

By: Jose Serrano

Posted By: Jose Serrano