The forest for the trees

I thought I had explained myself well enough.
                  For you however it’s all rhetoric about such and such.
It really is frustrating as I try to open up your limited view.

                      You keep thinking it’s just me I grow tired of debating
The fact that what I’m telling you is truth.
                             But you’re stuck on what you believe.
Open your eyes and see the forest for the trees.
                     Have you thought that I may have payed my dues.
What I’m trying to do Is noble and not something that everyone would do.
                    You are aware of the love shared if not then the kind I have for you.
What else do I have to prove.
                                                  After everything we’ve been through Why can’t I be the one you choose.

It was you that once said that I rescued you from the depths.
                The story isn’t over yet let’s not forget.
                                         Promises that we never kept.
Being disrespected  and doing things which we regret can’t be neglected.
                            I’m not bringing this up to make anyone upset.

In my heart I love you a little more Everytime it beats.
                            I just want for you to open your eyes and see.
                                                  I’m asking, I beg then I plead……
See the forest for the trees.

By: Jose Serrano

Posted By: Jose Serrano