Everything will be OK. I’M Gonna miss you. I wish that was a lie. But it doesn’t matter how much of me you used….. I’ll always have love for you.

Even if you have no plans of letting me be part of your
memories. As a friend I guess I can see why you had to leave.
Someday even though it’s not with me.
I want you to shine and live your life being loved so you can live it happily.

Your mind is constantly changing but it makes no sense because you return to the same thing.
One thing that won’t need rearranging is the love I have towards you it will always be
The same thing.

I will speak no more of letting me have a chance to redeem my love.
It was all a pipe dream that’s all it was.
These are your terms and I finally respect them.
If you ever did have feelings for me I don’t care to know where you left them.

I wanted to find in you a lover, confidant, I wanted you to be my best friend.
It saddens me that you have found acceptance but you won’t accept it.

Stop feeling like love isn’t something that you have earned because you really are worth it.
Things don’t just happen you’ve got to build so you can enjoy them.
I don’t know anyone else who that is more deserving.

How many relationships have you been through because you are restless and have to keep on searching.
Mean while the ones that really do love you have to wonder where you, if  you are okay,  it’s us that you’re hurting.

You said that I was too good for you but you’ve only made me stronger and made me humble and patient.
You are troubled by the way you handle
Every situation.

I had only the best of intent.
I know we’ve been through hell and everything was to our detriment.
Now I’m dealing with the consequences.
Be in favor of our love not against it.
What I’m asking for is redemption.


Inspired By: Anna Blaser

By: Jose Serrano

Posted By: Jose Serrano