Mine eyes desired thee. My heart caught fire,  we are one in the same. What began as a spark grew to be a flame. In eachother we saw glimpses of what we needed. Strength, resolve, and faith if we want to see our projects completed. I wonder why you stay away I don’t understand why the penalty is so severe. No one worries, no one asks, because no one cares. Mine eyes look upon you and they burst out in tears.
I’d scream your name into the night if only you would hear it. My heart beats for you but you refuse to come near it. I feel everything and I am feeling so weak so tired so helpless. Without you it looks bleak, victim of my fire and a love that was selfless. As I crumble into ash my embers glow and I wonder if you ever felt it.

To: Anna Blaser

By: Jose Serrano

I love you

Posted By: Jose Serrano


Published by: hustlerdiariez @gmail.com

I write from the depths of my heart. Fathoms beneath the surface I speak with a voice so powerful it can move an unstoppable force and halt an unmovable object. Hope you enjoy reading.

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