Love Letter

Hey you once told me that once you get on you forget about the person depending on how you felt about the situation. I know you and I ended pretty shitty. Buy there is no reason for you to be totally in the dark. You deserve love and light as much as I  do. I know you will not bring yourself to admitting or acknowledging the fact that you were skanless but you wont have to.

I really do love you. I’m sorry that you don’t want to know or care about me anymore. Let your guilt go and forgive yourself. Life is brief and it should not be spent in regret. Love those that need it most and forgive the one that meant you no harm yet hurt you. Be of kind words to the ones who drool venom when they speak ill about you.

We all want the best things in life. In reality a life spent chasing the best things is a life spent under constant stress and always chasing the next best thing. Such a vain and sad existence. Know that you are genuinely loved and know that you are sincerely pardoned.

Know that you are affectionately accepted and know that if it comes to be that you come back. Just know that you are eagerly awaited.

This is my heart and it is speaking from its depths. I made the mistake of not seeing your courage, strength, and resilience, your tenacity and determination. I didn’t see you till that cold night in the desert.

I hope my heart has spoken loudly. I hope your days are filled with an abundance of smiles, self worth and the knowledge that at what may have been the time when you were the worst kind of person you could ever be again to somebody who did nothing but picked up the tab and payed for it in full loved you.


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To: Anna Blaser

From: Jojo Serrano