Love You A Little More

Love You A Little More

Down to very the lowest I have ever been
Up into the highest point that I can possibly go.
If only briefly you brought yourself to understand that you are a catalyst in this process.
Thus far it seems to me that I carry our crosses. 

At times I believe that you will one day find me.
In this night shade I saw a glimmer of light that was blinding.
Hoping that one day you’ll slow down and see me.
I lived in darkness until your beautiful smile freed me.

I stare first in wonder then awe of someone so perfect no flaws.
You streak by me never do you notice me.
I wonder if you hear my applause.
You might if you would slow down and just pause.
This is my life and I love you a little more falling hopelessly.
Love you a little more know this please.

Preoccupie yourself with things you know truly dont matter
You still have yet to find me and my heart waivers now shatters
You go on and continue your elliptical journey.
Who knows when I will find your radiant light returning.
Till the day comes what you left behind will continue on burning.
My heart like an ember the only reason it still glows is because for its flame it is yearning.

Still love you a little more.

To: Anna Blaser

By: Jose Serrano