It started raining as the clouds set on top of her crown.
The downpour of tears was so relentless
Her demeanor by the tempest was drowned.
She lay on the beach that morning barren and beaten black and blue
Her heart was shattered her body bruised.
A mystery of how much one could willingly put themselves through.

Truly a shock to every single one of my senses
She came out of the squall lowly, full of resentments
She was weak she was weary of every movement.
She was at peace she was lucid, grace had touched her every movement.
Awakened by the feelings that stirred deep within her.
She opened her eyes to see that her cries for help had been heard.

Though the truth from her eyes was never hidden,
Her mind ordered that no one not even the blameless be forgiven.
It had not yet come for her to understand.
It was not yet her awakening it wasn’t yet her hour.
Though similar in appearance in one was the heart of a lion.
In the other beat the heart of a coward.

So all this became known to her and she did not believe it.
The chance of reclaiming what she had lost were daunting no one could conceive it.
It was the attempted irrational rescue of one who never asked for salvation.
Some fall fighting for life and others fall seeking validation.

Giving of self when nothing was left to give.
I know that I can do, because it was I that did.
I’m not okay with being unappreciated or taken for granted.
In the end it’s you who is the lost one its you who will be stranded.
Please don’t judge me by what another man did.

I implored you to think things through before coming to a conclusion.
Her hopes for a fairytale ending now no more than a hysterical delusion.
Better times lay ahead of this I know
Believe me for I would not have said it if it weren’t so.

Have faith not in what you want but in what you don’t see.
I don’t think that you have any clue of the renewal that I watch so closely.
Beauty, strength, and resilience is what your reflection should show you.
If your mirror doesn’t speak than take comfort in knowing that it was I who told you.

I will be present, I will be there through out the entire thing wholeheartedly.
Just as I have always been, see to it that I leave nothing behind.
The tears, the pain, the past is so hard to leave.
All have to go through the dark to find the light they seek.
I’ll walk with you no matter how dark the street.
I ask for you to give me your tears, your pain, your laughs,
Your dreams, your songs, your laments, your grief.
I hope one day your heart belongs to me.

By: Jose Serrano

Inspired by: Anna