Wish I was blind

The greatest mistake I’ve made is never denying my Eyes of what they wanted. What they wanted I gave them and in doing so I lost Sight of what my Heart has always yearned for. The Heart has no Eyes yet it knows what it needs and knows it has found it when it finds it. The Heart peers deep down into self and is not filled with the vain or mundane. It can See that which is hard to See without the use of visual information. Eyes despite all there use are far from perfect for they are easily fooled. Beautiful as the Eye Sees it, is only a superficial image of what is. The Heart has a much deeper perception of what it Sees as beautiful. One only needs to shut the flawed Eyes and visualize the object of one’s deepest affection. How I do wish I was born blind. Than all this would have been Shown to me. Maybe I would have Seen you long ago.