This is what happens when I miss you

From the first time I saw you I knew I had to look again
Every time I see you my mind takes me to places, sometimes I see you, I feel you and don’t know that I can handle this.
I’ve never had you but you I miss.

Seeing you is like finding land when I set off to drift.
Though I know I’ll find my way to the places I dream of.
I Was last not lost not destitute.
Redeeming me is what you do when I lay next you.

If in case you haven’t notice this I confess to you.
It’s good to know what I have forever guessed is truth.
It’s amazing what your caress could do.
I promise to be ready if ever you need me.

I’ll be there when it hurts so much it can’t be true.
How then can a broken heart heal.
Only love knows what love feels.
Then the pain sets in and all of a sudden it’s real.
This never ever has to hurt.
Just take the time to consider the way this works.
No amount of money can appraise your worth.
Finally I found you and the search is over.
I’ll stand next to you shoulder to shoulder.
It’ll get better as we get older.
I’ll keep you warm when these nights get colder.
I’ll take real good care of you allow me to show you.
I’d go through life again to do it over.

– Jose Serrano