End Begins

The end begins, it’s been a long time coming.
So long I’ve been in hiding, so long I’ve been running.
I can’t remember a time when my soul wasn’t in peril.
Always dirty never clean never sterile.
Nothing close to docile more a kin to feral.

A savage lurking in the wild where beast live.
On average always searching for a reason to give.
That’s better than asking to be heard.
So now I’ll return to the place where it always hurts.
Deep down in the place where dreams go unaccomplished.
That is where I reside I’m just being honest.

At times it’s said the lowly of heart suffer greatest.
I am no where near the finish line but I know I’ll make it.
Life happens only once and for granted I take it.
My heart beats strong but many times I break it.

A testament to the trials I’ve suffered
It all serves a purpose, what that is I don’t know yet.
Never can I, never will I forget all the pain all the torment.
Not a single minute, not a single second, not a single moment.

It is constant forever in the present.
Serving as a mentor teachings lessons.
The lessons are the most basic.
What you love, you must let go.
When you are convinced you have the answer
You don’t really know.
What is young today tomorrow will be old.
Where your treasure is, there your heart
Will be also.

-Jose Serrano