My Love Remembers

My Love Remembers

I sit here in the dark and the only thing that comes to mind.
Is the feeling of how much I want you to be mine.
I see you everywhere and maybe it’ll happen in time.
For now I want you to know that in this darkness you’re the only
Thing that shines.

I say this to let you know,
even though you are there and I’m here
It’s hard to let you go.
Later on in life or a little further down the road.
We will see how much of the heart was exposed.

Mine has always been transparent.
I made it that way so you could see through it.
There was no use in lies because you
Saw right through them.
My truth was yours and you knew it.

My story was always a fairy tale.
You were mine, I was yours and I failed.
Yet love would prevail
Our bond would not be broken.
A bond so strong that we knew each other we had chosen.

The heart knows it’s own and love knows it’s kind.
It guided me to the place where only with you I find, the moments I cherish.
The moments frozen in time.
The way you smile when I tell you you’re mine.

These are the things that love merits.
If I were to pass this is the love you’d inherit.
A love so dear to me.
My love to be cherished.
Your love to me is a love so unlike anything on earth
There is nothing compare it.

– Jose Serrano