Paradise Lost

I thought I had found it.
A place where serenity and peace
were supreme.
Little did I know that this isn’t possible
for me not even in dreams.
Paradise is lost nearly free of charge.
Free of cost my paradise is lost.

Paradise is a paradox a false human
My paradise was lost as life began its
Held stagnant by iron bars and fences.
Home to me are the killing fields and the festering trenches.

Paradise is there really such a thing?
Has it ever been within my grasp.
Paradise so beautifully illustrated
slowly I see the reality of the illusion become ever more adulterated.
Paradise the more I want it the more I hate it.

Paradise is elusive and my search for it
is now sadly conclusive.
My hopes for finding it forever dwindle.
Paradise lost and I haven’t found the flame to rekindle my brilliance.
Maybe the light of paradise I seek is shown day by day through my desire, strength, and resilience.

Who really knows if my Paradise Lost.

– Jose Serrano