Hold On

Hold on and never let go.
Do not forsake your dreams.
Do not forsake your hope.
Do not give in to defeat when
your back is against the ropes.

Hold on and fight till the bitter end.
Fight on because that is why you contend.
Hold on and prevail.
Your efforts are worthy you will not fail.

The road will not be easy to traverse
You’ve trudged the path before and
you have been through worse.
Hold on and fight through your fear.
Hold on and push through your pain.

Hold on and remember the reason
You even want to continue.
Hold and believe you can win.
I see a winner within you

Hold on and believe that through
your struggle you are made stronger.
Hold on because soon you will conquer.

Hold on because that is the only option.
Rid your heart of fear for fear is toxic.
Please hold on and refuse to let go
Hold on and never let go.

– Jose Serrano