This Is You

This Is You

I see you when you aren’t even around
I can hear your voice when you don’t make a sound.

You are on my mind more than constantly.
You are beautiful to me.
I speak honestly and I speak from a place
That I want you to call your own.
I want you to know that though you fight many battles you don’t have to be alone.

In yourself you might see flaws and consider yourself defective.
If you looked at yourself through my eyes and if you ever saw what they reflected you would see beauty in your imperfection.
You would understand why you are the object of my affection.

I don’t know what it is about you
All I know is this is my truth.
I know for you there is a greater purpose
I want to see your best rise to the surface.

You don’t have to tell me you hurt.
Because I already feel you.
From the rain I will shield you.
And the pain that you feel I will feel too.

You are amazing through and through.
You are beautiful to me this is true
You have inspired this.
This is you.

– Jose Serrano

Inspired By: Nichole