Still I stand

In the darkest of places I was able to see the
light of hope. I did not know that to it I’ve always been close. I am still peering into an empty sky. I could wonder why this is but I think I’ll just have to believe that the bright stars I desire to see are the dreams I have to achieve. Alone as I might be I am aware many are waiting to see the radiant display of my ambition. I am not living in a dream I am the manifestation of my mother’s vision.

I may have fallen in the not so distant past. Yet now I must admit that it hurt, but my story continues. Still I Stand. So I’ll write another paragraph. My story is one of success through my failures. I am determined to make sure that my future is full of triumphs. You can be witness to my drive in motion. I will do because I can. I will because there is purpose behind the emotion. Still I Stand.

By: Jose Serrano