Before you were

Before You were, I was

I know who you are, I’ve known about you for some time.
Before You were, I was.
Before there was darkness there was sun shine.

You’ve never seen me but I’ve always been vigilant over you.
I am neither friend nor foe but am truth

I am your haven, your strong hold
And fortified tower.
I have given you comfort during your saddest days and strength during your
Darkest hour.

You need not hide from me.
I am ever present and always watchful.
I will never leave you nor will I
ever judge you.

Do not trouble your heart with worries of things that have not yet been manifested.
What will be, will be.
This is how faith is tested.

I speak to you at times you can hear me.
I touch you and I know you can feel me.
I am beside you at all times.

You need not worry of those who cast stones.
Never will you be forsaken.
Never will you walk alone.

If you are confused I will guide you.
If you are lost I will find you.
I will keep you sound and safe
Because you are mine through grace.

I have always been around you and
Within you.
I alone know the measure of your pain.
I alone know what you’ve been through.

You will always know my love.
Before you do. I did.
Before you were. I was.

By: Jose Serrano