Heart Beat

In you I seek what in myself I cannot find.
Held by you. So high I climb.
Without you I fly but what good is it if I’m blind.

You make my dreams materialize and I know it’s real.
You give me substance something that I can feel.
My cuts run deep but your words have helped me heal.

You have become a part of me, essential to my survival.
You are sacred to me and everything you say is my bible.
I believe you were sent to teach things beyond my comprehension.
If you don’t quite yet understand this is for you and names don’t need To be mentioned.
Just listen and pay this it’s due attention.

Wherever you go or wherever you may be, I am who I am
Because you taught the hopeless to believe.
And showed dreamers to achieve.

You have become the air my lungs need.
Saying that you are my heart is sweet but
Are you aware that you are also the reason it beats.

By: Jose Serrano