So this is what you call peace. What we call peace. You know as grief.
It’s hard to see through the mist.
Once the haze has lifted
One can comprehend how far away We have drifted.

An understanding of how long it’s been since we have been afflicted.
Lost, broken, without hope addicted.
Life is for living but we contradict it.

So we do what we please, we do
What seems best to us at the time
Negligently considering that our behavior constitutes crime.
Day in and day out, we succumb.
We Lose our desire to climb.

Instead Of rising we fall behind
At one point with open eyes.
I can now see that clearly now we’re just flying in the blind.

And yet thats how we live.
So much, so much we forfeit. Exchanging joy, for the pain
we attempt to forget.

We fester in agony and the sadness maddens me through it the pain we feel is revealed.
By the shame we try to conceal.

Never in comfort and if so than its
Only for a while.
Then we wake up and realize there’s no reason to smile.

I plan to change, I hope to make this only a temporary phase. Just another chapter.
Read it, wrote it, spoke it.
A better tomorrow is what I’m after.

Making it through the night while attempting to elude disaster.
A better tomorrow is what I’m after .

By: Jose Serrano