The 31st

The 31st

In darkness my eyes were opened.
In confusion I understood .
In silence I was called and in turmoil my soul conceived the strength that my heart required to
Endure the truths that were once
Hidden from my limited grasp
Have slowly been exposed. The rebirth lay beyond the threshold.

Time compliments change.
Change is the evolution of growth.
Growth however isn’t about
Embracing it is about letting
Things run their natural course.

Life is a song, tears provide
The musical notes.
A sorrowful heart is moved.
After it weeps it is soothed.

What one knows
One accepts what is accepted
Is what is trusted
What is trusted can be respected
What is respected can be loved

In darkness the light was shown
In silence the voice spoke
The message it delivered will
Never be forgotten.
It alleviates pain and gives
Hope to the downtrodden.

What lay ahead is not fear
Fear will always be
conquered by Courage.
The message is simple
Grow and fear not.
Grow and just flourish.

By: Jose Serrano