Karma Encarnate

gave up on what you said you never would.
mislead me while you pretended to know where this would take me.
if this is how you love please keep away its only obvious you hate me.

never will i abandon you but you always were aware of that.
so cold you drifted away when i wasnt prepared for that.

now i sit here with a heart broken with my dreams torn apart and broken.
this is no way to live but if you come back all i will forgive.
dont you understand cant you see, of course not you are incapable of empathy.

i know you care littlle for my pain. I wonder when it was an enemy of yours I became.
Have you no sympathy, have you forgotten I sheltered you from rain.
I made you out to be so pure, all along underneath you were always the stain.

I love you, I love you, I guess this is my Karma encarnate…………..

By: jose serrano