So is this it
Is this what my life is
Not a through street every stop
Is dark no lights lit
On the outside beautiful
On the inside lifeless

Over and over the rerun runs
There has to be more to me
I don’t like what I’ve become.
Despise the renewal and the
Knowledge that it has already begun
Now it starts over again
But already I’m done.

How pathetic this life of mine is
Every second passed is a lumens
Taken as of consequence my shine dims
For certain this demise of mine is
Have to search I need a reason
To continue this battle to the
Death this fight of mine is

Bring it all out because I know that’s
What has been summonsed
Heart to fight through the
Ever present pain is admired
Better to be the flame than
To be the ashes left behind the fire
Courage to continue through the
overwhelming feeling of being tired
Sure of victory but my moment has
Passed me by and my shine is to expire
Pictures and keep sakes thrown away
Not a single buyer.

This is what I poured my soul into
Poured it all till nothing improved
I would shed a million tears if only
One of these would produce a single
Moment of peace and my soul was
Soothed. This how ever is not to be
It’s to be moved to the depths where
Everything is wantonly wasted
And shamelessly used.

So this is it, this is it, I hope it’s
All over quick

By: Jose Serrano