I have given when none was to spare
My shame, much dishonor was felt.
I gave up my pride, even life itself
To let you know I love you let you
Know I cared.

I don’t expect you to fully comprehend
What it’s like to hold somebody in
Such loathing such disdain.
I hope you never have to associate
the mention of my name.
With the sensation of pain

So pride, self respect and my integrity
I gave up so much nothing left of me
I have nothing more to offer
I even learned patience while waiting
For you to be thoughtful.

You are so quick to resort to slanders and slurs
I have learned to pay no mind to your
Words or what ever your demands were.

Smiles, ideas, thoughts, hopes that
Are now stagnant fermented in
Denial no longer all the hurt,
All you took for granted all that once
Broke me only makes me stronger

I gather myself why do you look so
Flabbergasted you have the nerve
To look surprised.
Did you forget the lies, and when all you had to do is minimal compromise.
Your indescretions now come to light
I was once dead but now I’ve come to life. No worries love is pain that’s
The price. My love is the only thing
You’ve sacrificed.

By: Jose Serrano