Here in this prison cell
I declare my brilliance.
Here there is no need for
Me to be rebellious but resilient.
Here I have been abolished.
Forsaken, broken down, condemned
and demolished.The stone that was thrown out is now the gem that is polished.
Ignorance is king here yet I am
A servant of knowledge.
A diamond in the rough some call it.

Here in this unforgiving, perilous, hopeless place
I have found courage, strength, focus and grace.
Because I’ve been here some will think the worst of me,
Some will think of me the less.
Not discouraged because out of here, through
This darkness I will shine. Out of here will come my best.

Here not all have faltered yet everywhere all are flawed and defective.
This is merely an opinion.
Just my own perspective.
All have fallen short. A fact conveniently neglected.
In their eyes I see the self righteous pomp reflected.
By few this will be embraced by most it will be rejected.

Here and now my message is like a
Ready to be erected.
Remember that broken hopes,
melancholy self destruction
And incomplete objectives.
Will always be yours if you choose
To accept them.

BY: Jose Serrano

From The Confines Of A Prison Cell


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