Thank You

Thank You

I would like to give thanks to the
Family of friends that helped me
Pick myself up off the ground.
To those that gazed upon me with
A welcoming smile and refused
To let me fraun.

I don’t know what it is that in me you saw.
I thank you for looking deep in me past my short comings and flaws.
Thank you for helping me discover my purpose.
Thank you for helping me find a cause.
Today I am found though I once was lost.
Yours is my humble praise,
Yours is my applause.

At my request you walked with me a mile, then compelled me to
Go two.
When I stumble, when I fell
You nurture me with truth.

Thank you for rescuing me from
The pool of self pity.
Forgive me for despairing and
Accusing you of desertion while
You stayed true and went through
This with me.

Thank you for being an anchor, and keeping me grounded.
I’ve searched and searched for the meaning of love for self and
I’ve finally found it.
I now understand that we must
Go through life and find my way around it.

Now I have a different outlook and a whole new attitude.
A simple thank you isn’t enough
So this is how ill express my gratitude.

By: Jose Serrano