The story

The story

This story is of old,
many have heard it.
Many a times it’s been told.
A treasure, a thief, a hero,
A villain consumed by a greed for gold
A princess locked away and a vagabond
Whose come to claim his throne.

Their existence intertwined and
Their fates for told.
Everything orchestrated yet
Each is in control
for nothing is written In stone.

Nothing is predestined and characters
Fail, fall or are forgotten.
The solid go soft and
the righteous are now rotten.

The despised become entitled
The privileged become peasants.
All are victim of circumstance.
We are the conscious cause of consequences.

The manifestation of the realization
That everything in life is linked.
An Intricately elaborate orchestration.
Woven together but in one,
We are given more strength.

The meaning of the story.
Is simple, it is only this.
What you take you must
Also give.
The story is our everyday lives.

By: Jose Serrano


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