The phantoms that haunt me have now
Been manifested.
My courage has given way to fear and
My sanity is continually tested.
Sleep provides me with nightmares that
Never rest.
Knowledge is power but I forever guess.

My devotion is deep, not deep enough
To find my troubled soul salvation.
A slave I am to anxiety, doubt, and other forms of bondage and subjugation.
A victim of attacks and the recipient
Of many accusations.
What can life be to me now after
My characters assassination.

Depression and shame have set upon me.
Yet life will Seek justice and require an account Of those that have wronged me.

This little comfort.
I seek immediate justice.
It is said that life isn’t fair.
Does that mean life isn’t to be trusted.
The gates of heaven have aged
And righteousness has rusted.
I never thought I would look upon this world and feel so disgusted.
Or am I the one that is corrupted.

By: Jose Serrano