Please believe
Please believe in all that is good.
Because it is all I have for you
I swear, I beg, I promise, I bleed
For your love and that’s the honest truth.

I know it’s not easy and it’s hard
To ignore the pain.
Love is like the sun rising on the morning after a night doused by rain.

So many things conspire against us
My passion for you is like the spark
That became a fire so hot so tremendous.
Please believe if you leave
You’ll be leaving me
Broken and defenseless

I ask of you please believe
We can make it, what I feel for you
Is to real for me to fake it.
Please believe I’ve given you my heart
Pretty girl, pretty please don’t brake it.
What I feel for you is from celestial places
My heart is pure
So my love is all the more sacred.

Please believe
I also need you at my side
I love you, forgive my transgressions
I didn’t realize it in the beginning
But I know you’re my most prized
I would take it all back if I could
All for just a tiny bit of your affection
Instead of doubt and tears
I would provide adoration
Shelter and protection.

If you can allow yourself to grieve
I ask I pray that you keep faith
If not in me than in love you must

By: Jose Serrano