So I had a wish come true. I saw you. Without the selfishness that filters through every ones Head. Don’t worry don’t trip on me. Live life to the fullest. When you find someone that makes everything ok. Smile fight play. Embrace and maybe even bleed. one tiny little seed might grow bigger than any weed. But no one wants a garden of mean old mustard seed. Maybe I’ll just be the manure. Everything will grow beautiful around me.


I have some idea of who I am engaging in dialog with. I prefer the shadow. I don’t see the truth but feel it. This is me giving something that I consider dear, somethings are meant to be kept safe. Not compromised or negotiated about. These words that people use every day like trust, friend, love, care, can be found to really mean. Betrayal, foe, disdain, self indulgence. If I Offended you than your heart failed you. When I say words like that the only thing that folds are those around me. For mine is tested and mine isn’t likely to be one with doubt.

I have learned to forgive when vengeance and wrath would seem like the obvious choice. Yet I am not that child I once was. As a child, I thought as a child. And did childish things. I am a man now and childish things serve me no purpose. This isn’t a story or a game. I think I know that after the smoke settled I was the one who payed the most. And If you did love me or do, why let me suffer the sentence you helped pass on me.
1 thing that is not debated is I am as real as the shadow that gives me
The only safety I now know.

Because its only shadow that witness my pain. My struggle, my times of weakness. My comfort. I walk with my shadow as in alone. Because those that once asked of me to go with them a mile I went with them 10 but not a single one of my “friends” have the stomach or the heart to take a single step with me. Good day stranger.
Answered By: Jose Serrano