Wake up

Wake Up
So this day is eternal and life will continue. The only things vanquished are the memories that live with you. Through the agonizing pain of it all I Managed to peer through the night You came you saw and conquered. I never let it drain me. It is so different now that I know that it doesn’t stain me. After that night I understood that you do not defeat evil by evil, it’s got to devour itself. Let this die without out our help. If we see the rising sun and the promise of a great change. Set the stages up ill break the chains that no longer bind me. You will search and go on a crusade against the decree of a napoleonic, emperor and king. Swiftly bring the passion of your wrath, i’ll smile even share a laugh. We must be civil. War lay ahead of the pass. I often wonder have you seen the thunder when a child of hunger. Appears to be loved but not by all more like strongly hated. I care nothing about when they Say this. I was strong and of Stout heart so I made it. You dealt the cards it was my hand so I played it. I told you certain games you don’t play with Now your feeling every little thing. Sprains, tears and then it comes back to take us. We need to wakeup The things we thought were solid will break up. Something’s will always be ugly no matter how much make up they put on

By: Jose Serrano