You are

You are

You Are
My purpose, my love, and also my 
Strength to continue, to press on,
To come back when I’ve been pushed to the brink.

You are the reason I fight my way
Through the storm it’s fog and it’s mist. 
You are my light, my beacon, my compass when with no paddle I drift. 
Back to safety you guide me when 
Against me the odds shift.

You are my anchor, my crutch. 
When I’m lonely you are the affectionate touch that I need when 
I am lost and all appears hopeless
 You remind me to stay calm and 
Keep focused.

When surrounded by darkness and 
My most intimate pain. 
You are my joy, my passion, my warmth and also my flame. 
You are my shelter, my comfort 
Through life’s infinite rain.

So much hurt and despair that I don’t 
Have the care to recall what I’ve been 

We all fall yet you’ve given me the 
Courage to stand up and continue.

When hardships draw near and trouble approaches. 
You give me support and lend reinforcement. 
You show me no fear and stand by me the closest.

You are my smile, my truth, my heavenly dream. My treasure, my angel, and proof that heaven I’ve seen.

You are my backbone, my legs, my heart and my fist. 
You are my resolve, my friend, my love and my gods gracious gift.

From the confines of a prison cell

By: Jose Serrano