Can the things to which I have aspired. Be cast into the mire.
What can be done as I observe my sky castles burn.
Retired never to return.

If hate is love corruptedly shamed Than love is hate righteously behaved.
Truth is suffered and found if it is discretely sought
Lies are learned in secret but openly bought.

Everything can be recognized by its surface. 
Yet hidden are it’s intentions and guarded is its purpose. 

Life spent in pursuit of material gain. 
Will be recognized in death as trivially vain. 

Thoughts are the conception of triumphs and failures. 

Through them men are made better, 
Or made worse. 

Answers given as suggestions only 

Give rise to more questions. 

Failure to see truth only brings blindness. 

If you genuinely believe you will attain what you seek.
You will find it. Truth cannot be hidden it is timeless.

From the confines of a prison cell