This love


This love of ours is something we earned.
I can show you how happy you make me if the gesture is returned.
I can demonstrate the meaning of loyal devotion.
I ask you take the time to consider this notion.

Give me all you have to give
Together we can build a life just let your heart guide you all that needs be done is you faithfully follow it.

What is life if not the pursuit of a better tomorrow this love of ours should be given with the knowledge that the time we share together is borrowed.

We bare scars from cuts, deciet, and memories that continue to burn. This love of ours never left us.
When good is good I have to say it provides the best rush.
Yes I know we have a past but please appreciate this and if we respect each other and if we respect us

I ask you not to forget but not to let it restrict us from prospering
The best things in life are free this love doesn’t cost a thing.
It can be real or it can be the stuff of dreams.
If pain is love than for you I find myself suffering.
I know you and your character flaws and defects.
I’ve come to love you for you this in my eyes I know it reflects.
You know me as no one else has and so in you I confide my deepest darkest secret.

I don’t know how or why I let you get so close.
The pain you inflicted and the disrespect along with the lack of remorse. Guarantees that I will allow nature to run it’s course.

I know we are both victims of our own actions and our own accord
this love from me has taken and given that which I can no longer afford.
Sincerely I love you.

Times of summer might feel a bit cold. First I wanted to leave you now I want you to be for me to hold.
Please read closely and acknowledge what I have to propose.
If you be willing than I will go with you no matter the weather, no matter the road.
This love is beautiful and will not wither nor will it grow old.
I thought about my love for you and how I can feel it in my soul.
Thought about us and this is what I call it that’s when about this love I wrote.

By: jojo serrano. …………