Sweet Asylum

Can you find me in this dark place.
Can you hear me calling to you
Every time my heart breaks.
Amidst my tears I see.
I have so suddenly fallen

Can you hear me cry out,
I am falling into darkness.
Plummeting into shadow.
Don’t know if I can win
This war I’ve lost another battle.

Long ago I left the gentle hills
And rolling plaines of unbridled bliss.
Uncertainty lay ahead and my
Enemies conspire in the mist.

In the open I suffer,
And In secret I fear.
Oh sweet asylum.
There is no sanctuary here.

A troubled soul is a weakened spirit.
From vigilant eyes I keep this hidden.
Losing what’s lost, can you find it?
It seems I have been unable
To see that I’ve been blinded.

I wish for many things peace is not
Among them.
My salvation is far from me
Always at a distance.
I would give it all away in the blink of
An eye in an instant.

Soon will this story end.
Soon I will have my conclusion.
For now in my darkness I reside
Sweet asylum of seclusion.

From the confines of a prison cell

By: Jose Serrano



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