This is what I must be. 
Indiffirent, cold, callyst when faced 
With insurmountable adversity.
Life will give, but it will also take
 But it’s up to me wether I can haul 
The weight. 
Up to me if I choose to break.

When I’m exhausted and my body 
Hints that it has nothing more to give
 Is when I feel most alive.

My heart takes over and my
 Will pushes me to shift into overdrive.

Long ardous this march has to be.

I’m miles behind the start, it’s hot
 And it’s hard to breathe. 

The finish line is beyond the horizon just the thought alone is making my legs weak.

Feet don’t fail me now, hard is never far from me

I will cover ground if I have to crawl, climb, second place only means first to be beat.
Its cold If not rain than sleet, hale, snow. 
My pain, and grief leave me 

It’s as if though they will never 
Know surrender, they’ve had the taste of blood and they remember. 

Well I remember things also how 
Could I forget being ran into the dirt 
How could I neglect.
My suffering and 
The perpetual search of a way 
To ease my hurt.

Peace is now my ultimate objective
 i can’t be slowed I can’t be stopped 
Unless I’m beaten bloody senseless

I’ll push this past the point of being wreckless.

If you aren’t with than you are against it.
 If you find my methods eccentric 
It’s only because my rise was unprecedented. 

I am unadulterated greed and hunger 
This is what this has always represented.

This is my way
 Of letting the world know
I am coming.
I am relentless

By: Jose Serrano